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Research Overview    

The core purpose of the Software Engineering Affinity Laboratory (SEAL) is to involve a diverse group of researchers to expand knowledge on the development and verification of software systems that have social impact. In particular, SEAL focuses on the development of new techniques, methods, and tools that support the next generation of computer science solutions including cyberinfrastructure, semantic web, formal methods for software verification and trust management.  At the same time, we focus on establishing collaborations across disciplines such as our work with earth sciences, environmental sciences, and engineering.

Research Overview

These are our areas of expertise:
  • Software Engineering [Cheon, Gates, Pinheiro, Roach]
    • Workflow design
    • Formal approaches to verification and software composition
    • Service-oriented architecture
    • Web engineering
  • Knowledge representation [Pinheiro]
    • Semantic web
    • Ontology development
    • Provenance
  • Trust management [Pinheiro]
These are some of our research results:
  • Prospec (Property Specification) Tool
    [Mondragon (ESI), Gates (UTEP), Roach (UTEP)]
    • Automatic generation of formal specifications
    • Meta-Definition Language (MEDL): Java Runtime Monitoring tool
    • Linear Temporal Logic (LTL): Spin model checker
  • Java Modeling Language (JML)
    [Cheon (UTEP), Leavens (Iowa State)]
    • Formal behavioral interface specification language for Java
    • Verification techniques and tools for Java
  • Milaap: Unification of Verification and Validation Methods
    [Cheon (UTEP), Teller (UTEP), Browne (UT-Austin), Lin (UT-Austin)]
    • Universal property specification language
    • Comprehensive approach and tool support for V&V
  • Amphion-Deductive program synthesis tool
    [Roach (UTEP), Lowry (NASA Ames)]
    • Automatic creation of domain specific components
  • Inference Web for Cyberinfrastructure (joint work with Stanford University)
    [Pinheiro (UTEP), McGuinness (Stanford)]
    • Infrastructure for provenance and explanations
    • PML (Proof Mark-up Language)
    • IWBase: Distributed Meta-Data Registry
    • Tools: Abstractor; IW-Browser; IW-Explainer; PML Checker
  • WDO (Workflow-Driven Ontology)
    [Salayandia (UTEP), Pinheiro (UTEP), Gates (UTEP)]
    • WDO-Spec and API
    • WDO-Assistant Toolkit: Workflow Generator; Workflow Elicitator