Occupational Health Program (OHP)

Mandated by the PHS Policy and the Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals, all UTEP research personnel, which include faculty, staff and students working in a laboratory animal facility must enroll in the Occupational Health Program (OHP). The purpose of the UTEP’s OHP is to provide health risk assessments and ensure a safe working environment for UTEP research personnel. UTEP’s Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) and the Student Health Center are cooperating to help prevent, control or eliminate occupational hazards causing injury and illness while working in an animal care and use program.

UTEP personnel enrolled in the Occupational Medicine Program will be required to:

  • Attend occupational health and safety classes provided by EH&S staff;
  • Follow safety precautions established for their activities;
  • Report to the Student Health Center for periodic health assessments;
  • Report to the Student Health Center any illness that they experience regardless of severity or perceived origin; and
  • Report to their supervisor and the Student Health Center any exposure or injury due to activities while at UTEP.

How to Enroll
  1. Download and complete the Occupational Health Medicine Questionnaire.
  2. Take completed form to EH&S Office.
  3. EH&S Office will contact and provide participant with a Medical Alert Information Card.
  4. Contact Student Health Center to make an appointment for physical exam. UTEP personnel must present a valid UTEP I.D, current Medical Alert Information Card and a copy of the Questionnaire.
    Vaccinations or blood draws can be done on a walk-in basis.
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