Research Administrators
Please contact your assigned Research Administrator (RA) when first considering a response to a proposal request. With enough advance notice, the RA can work with you to improve the quality of your proposal. RA support is listed below.
  • Review of Requests for Proposals, Quotations, or Applications
  • Assist with the interpretation of the guidelines
    • Institutional or PI eligibility
    • Limited Submissions
    • Format
    • Budget limitations
    • Required attachments
    • Letters of Support
    • Subcontract requirements
    • Method of submission
    • State point of contact review
  • Work with the PI to develop a reasonable and allowable budget
    • Review allowable items
    • Check for specific unallowable items
    • Verify indirect rate
  • Provide technical assistance and submit electronic proposal packages
    • Provide tutorials for the process
    • Assist with the actual preparation of the package
  • Assist with the development of cost share budgets
    • Determine whether cost-share is allowable
    • Help determine sources of cost-sharing
  • Prepare transmittal documents
  • Receive and set up the account information
  • Negotiate the terms and conditions of complex contracts
  • Generate and negotiate sub-recipient contracts under prime awards

  • Provide training regarding financial administration of sponsored programs
    • Agency Expectations
    • UTEP Internal Processes
    • PI Responsibilities
  • Monitor and approve post award activities such as Appointments, Travel, Authorizations for Professional Services (APS), and Student Aid Notices of Award.
  • Determine processes for budget transfers
  • Assist with Progress and Financial Reports
  • Maintain agency contact when necessary
  • Close out the award when complete
Research Admins
The RA assignments and contact information can be found at the following webpage:

Department & Center Assignments
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