Gary E. Williams, Director, CREIE

Gary Williams
Director of CREIE
Phone: (915) 747-5419

As Director  of CREIE at UTEP, Dr. Williams was responsible for establishing the Center to provide sustainability for faculty and students interested in pursuing the entrepreneurial route, including innovation and commercialization of technology-based companies.  This Center is now providing a variety of services for entrepreneurs looking to start up businesses in the El Paso region.

Previously, Dr. Williams served as President and CEO of Mayan Pigments, where he hadoverall P/L responsibility for this start-up company incubated at UTEP.   Key activities included developing and implementing the business strategy, establishing a manufacturing capability, raising funds and establishing key alliances.
Dr. Williams gained executive general management experience from 1999 to 2003 with the LONZA Group, a $1.5 Billion specialty chemical company supplying the life-sciences industry. As President of Performance Chemicals, he had global P&L responsibility and was a member of the Executive Committee. 

Dr. Williams worked in various positions at HOECHST AG, a $35 billion chemical and life-sciences company.  He was VP of Corporate Research in Frankfurt, Germany from 1996 to 1999 and was responsible for both the R&D and business-development activities of 250 people with a budget of $75 million.  He introduced innovation and commercialization best practices in the research and development activities and negotiated transactions involving technology licensing and the sale of business opportunities. He also served on the Boards of two start-up companies.

Dr. Williams holds an MS and a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Lehigh University and a BS in Chemical Engineering from the Indiana Institute of Technology.

Press Room
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Softener sensor, airplane-control system win El Paso venture contest
A University of Texas at El Paso team with a sensor that reduces the amount of salt needed to operate water softeners, and an El Paso startup developing an automated control system for small airplanes were the winners of the sixth annual Paso del Norte Venture Competition last week.

Flying car and more pitched at El Paso venture expo
A UTEP team's grand dream of producing a flying car, a father and son start-up selling apps to track down lost or stolen phones, and Chihuahua students' simple vision of a desert shrimp farm were part of the entrepreneurial spirit displayed Thursday at El Paso's second venture expo.

Paso del Norte Venture Expo 2013 Features 39 Startup Companies and Modern Projects
Cathy Swain, president and chief executive officer of The Hub of Human Innovation, reveals that there’s a need to inspire and celebrate entrepreneurship and modernization locally, as well as let more people know about these breakthroughs. She says it’s a fun event, and fondly described it as “an adult science fair.”

Entrepreneurial spirit well at El Paso's fist venture expo
Entrepreneurs from both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border made sales pitches to about 20 investor representatives and displayed their ideas and products at El Paso's first venture expo Friday.

Sleep Easy: Researchers Develop Comfy Alternative to Diagnose Sleep Apnea
"A major inhibition that people have about going to sleep clinics is due to the large array and the discomfort of the sensors that are used to perform the test during sleep," said Homer Nazeran, Ph.D., professor of electrical and computer engineering at The University of Texas at El Paso.

UTEP team's project wins venture titles.
Three University of Texas at El Paso students hope to turn a Nobel Prize-winning material into a multimillion-dollar business tied to a low-cost, environmentally friendly technology for recycling water.

Biologist Develops Chagas Disease Vaccine
In a prestigious journal this year, researchers labeled Chagas disease as the new HIV/AIDS of the Americas. However, the epidemic may soon be facing its end, thanks to a recent development at The University of Texas at El Paso's Border Biomedical Research Center (BBRC)

El Paso venture expo will show off 39 innovative companies, ideas.
Thirty-nine high-tech startup companies and other ventures will be featured in El Paso's first venture expo Friday.

UTEP student startup wins $100K competition.
A startup company founded by students at the University of Texas at El Paso has won the UT Horizon Fund Student Investment Competition in Austin.

Printing body parts.
A new biotech startup in El Paso is printing living human tissue in hopes of one day manufacturing custom implants and nipples for breast cancer patients, grown from patients’ own cells.

Hard Work, Passion Propel 'Underdog' Trio to Venture Victory. A trio of UTEP students at different points in their academic journeys decided six months ago to create a business, where a new technology would recycle water in an affordable, environmentally-friendly way.

UTEP professor needs funding to get Alzheimer's remedy on market
Retired UTEP psychology Professor Donald Moss is on a mission to rescue more than 30 years of work and finally get his Alzheimer's drug on the market.

Texas Company working on better breast implants from an inkjet printer.
Print-your-own breast implants could be one of the new products in the $8.4 billion market of 3D printer products projected for 2025

El Paso's Spira to be featured in A&E initiative
An El Paso shoe company is about to get some major national exposure.
Spira Footwear Inc. has been selected to be part of an initiative by A&E Networks and the crowdfunding site RocketHub to support new entrepreneurs.

El Paso startups pitch ideas to Texas investors
Millie Lujan presented her patented baby kneepads at the Texas Entrepreneur Networks Funding Forum.

Researchers Improving Inland Desalination Process
Tom Davis, Ph.D., doctoral student Alemayehu Yetayew and Malynda Cappelle are developing a method to make water desalination more affordable and efficient.

Chemist to Develop More Rapid, Low-Cost Diagnosis for Meningitis
Xiujun (James) Li, Ph.D., assistant professor of chemistry at The University of Texas at El Paso, has been awarded a grant of $419,000 from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences to study and develop a more rapid, low-cost and highly sensitive diagnosis of meningitis.

Premier Biomedical, Inc. and UTEP Proof of Concept Test Proves Successful
This experiment targeted a specified Interleukin, implicated in the development of Cancer, for removal from a heterogeneous mixture. This test was completed successfully within minutes at the Picogram level (one trillionth of a gram).
 New Mexico State University’s Arrowhead Center wins $1 million in federal funding
As one of seven states with winning proposals, New Mexico State University’s Arrowhead Center received a $1 million grant was awarded funding for their initiatives to accelerate commercialization of research and to build an entrepreneurial environment in Southern N.M. and West Texas. The Hub of Human Innovation in El Paso is a partner in this initiative.    
Dr. Boland's UTEP start up TeVido BioDevices is 1 of 12 startups selected for UT Austins's Texas Venture Labs' (TVL) for the Fall Semester; as reported on the Texas Venture Labs blog:
"TeVido uses the innovative process of printing human-like skin tissue for the development of skin substitute products for chronic wound care, burn treatment and reconstructive surgery. The implications for people suffering from severe burns and chronic non-healing wounds range from pain, reduced quality of life, loss of productivity and unsightly scarring all the way to amputation of part or all of a limb."


Negotiated by CREIE, UTEP and Premier recently signed an agreement to conduct joint research of Premier's sequential-dialysis technique. Dr. Mitchell Felder, a neurologist at Beaumont Army Medical Center, said he has come up with technology to treat cancer, Alzheimer's, other diseases and brain injuries by removing harmful molecules from a person's body.
Strategies: Women Entrepreneurs can learn a lot from men
Disenchanted A 2010 Kauffman Fundation study for women and men entrepreneus found various differences.

Professor returns to UTEP, with prosthetic technology and business.
A research agreement negotiated with Limbs International by CREIE allows Limbs to research and develop low-cost prosthetic devices for use in Third Word countries.

posoulus pic
UTEP Resources Help Launch Magazine
Revista COROTÓ is a slick literary magazine brimming with poetry, prose and photographs contributed by more than 20 writers, some of them Nobel Laureates and Cervantes Prize winners from five Latin American countries as well as France, Japan and England, all translated into Spanish.
Today’s vote by El Paso City Council sets in motion a historic allocation of 75 percent of the city’s Impact Fund to the Medical Center of the Americas Foundation. The decision promotes growth of the region’s long-envisioned medical hub, known as the Medical Center of the Americas (MCA). Info on the Impact Fund agreement.  
Disenchanted with a corporate structure commanded by the almighty dollar, three UTEP graduates are using the region’s oldest educational degree to usher in a new approach to the bottom line.  

biomatrial image
 carl profile pic
Technology involving printable biomaterial such as skin cells seems like something out of a science fiction novel or a film
A pair of Utah entrepreneurs recently signed an agreement with the University of Texas at El Paso to develop technology created at UTEP for health care applications.

Inside the hub picture
gary - UTEP
immigrant entrepreneur
Inside the Hub 
El Paso's brand new business incubator has selected its first class of baby companies and aims to do nothing less than nurture the budding entrepreneurs and their startups into technology powerhouses.  
UTEP to Lead Clean Energy Incubator Project in El Paso
The University of Texas at El Paso will lead a new clean energy technology incubation program in El Paso, the Texas State Energy Conservation Office (SECO) announced last week 
Immigrant entrepreneurs - How 'start-up visa' could boost investment
El Paso entrepreneur Javier Zepeda, a senior in the undergraduate business program at the University of Texas at El Paso, is looking for investment capital so he can hire employees and start his own small business in El Paso when he graduates. 

entrepreneurship week picture ramp corp logo
J.J. Childress and Stephen Escarzaga had a simple plan when they bought a screen printing kit at a local hobby shop: make a couple of T-shirts for fun. Fate had a different plan. 
RampCorp program seeks female entrepreneurs 
Texas State University's RampCorp program is hoping to recruit 20 current and future female entrepreneurs to launch companies

top student picture
kauffman text
Top Student Entrepreneur in the World (El Paso Times)
Canadian Student Claims Title of Top Student Entrepreneur in the World
Princeton University Press and Kauffman Foundation Launch Book Series on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (El Paso Times)
Princeton University Press and the Berkley Center for Entrepreneurial Studies at New York University to publish the best scholarship in innovation and entrepreneurial research, from general interest titles to more scholarly works. 
Clean Energy (El Paso Times)
The University of Texas at El Paso has received a $200,000 state grant to start a clean energy incubator to help develop clean energy   

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