Institutional Biosafety/recombinant DNA Committee (IBC) Charter
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V. IBC Policies and Procedures

  • The UTEP IBC will meet to review rDNA and biosafety protocols at least twice a year, and more frequently, if deemed necessary. The UTEP IBC meetings are open to the public and advance notice is posted on the UTEP IBC website. The rDNA and biosafety protocols must be prepared by the PI/PD on standardized IBC Protocol Submittal Form that is made available by the IBC coordinator. All protocol information must be typed and only one research project per submittal form will be accepted. Protocols are approved for a three year term. Initial Submissions, Triennial submissions, 1st and 2nd Annual Reviews, and Procedural Modifications will be reviewed by the convened IBC committee. Closing reports will be administratively reviewed by the IBC Chair and/or BSO. Personnel Modification(s), with the exception of the PI, will be administratively reviewed and approved upon training verification by the IBC Coordinator. Submitted protocols received and deemed exempt from NIH Guidelines will be administratively reviewed and acknowledged by the IBC Chair and/or BSO unless the research involves agents that fall into RG2 (Risk Group 2) and higher. These submissions as well as the annual reports will be reviewed by the convened IBC committee.

  • Submissions should be received at least 30 days prior to the expiration date with the exception of procedural and personnel modifications. These can be submitted at any time during the three-year approval period.

  • The BSO will inform the IBC at each meeting, as applicable, on laboratory safety inspections, laboratory construction/modification, and spills/incidents.

  • The IBC Chair-person will provide the IRO a report on the IBC’s activities at least annually. The IBC will also provide an annual report to NIH which will include the IBC members and biographical sketches for each member. The points of contact regarding questions and information about the IBC, other than Texas Public Information Act (TPIA) requests, are the IBC Chair and/or IBC Coordinator. In the case of a TPIA request, the IBC Chair through the IRO will notify OBA of any public comments made on IBC activities. All information requested via TPIA request will be provided by the Vice-President for Business Affairs Office and in compliance with the Texas State Attorney General Office.

  • The IBC requires that all individuals covered under a new research protocol attend training courses, including General Laboratory Safety and online NIH Guidelines training, triennially; as well as Biosafety/Bloodborne Pathogens, annually; and be enrolled in the UTEP Occupational Health Medicine Program, if applicable.

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