University of Texas at El Paso


Welcome to the NanoMaterials Integration Lab (NanoMIL). NanoMIL is a university laboratory that emphasizes academic and professional development while conducting stimulating research. The lab supports and mentors individuals at different stages of their careers from the undergraduate to the professoriate levels in a team environment. Research emphasizes the nanoscale aspects of matter and the application of nanotechnology to create novel materials and devices. Areas of focus are thin-film photovoltaics, memristors and silicon microelectronic processing.

NanoMIL is equipped with a 6,000 square feet, class-100 nanofabrication facility and more than 20 pieces of major research instrumentation for fabrication and characterization.

The Lab has experienced rapid growth in its level of technology, infrastructure and funding. It enjoys research partnerships with academia, national labs, and industry. The Lab generates multimillion dollars in collaborative research funding. The combination of physical and intellectual infrastructure poises NanoMIL for exciting and continued growth.