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Intelligent Systems Engineering Laboratory


Dr. Bill Tseng from IMSE Department has recently established an Intelligent Systems Engineering Laboratory (ISEL) through the Partners for the Advancement of Collaborative Engineering Education (PACE) program, which is sponsored by GM, Sun Microsystems, UGS, and MSC. The PACE program has recently announced a$169 million in-kind donation to UTEP of computer-aided design and manufacturing software and equipment. The ISEL is also supported by National Science Foundation (NSF), Department of Education (DoEd). The ISEL contains some advanced form of technologies in the areas of interactive virtual reality,web-based process monitoring and control systems. This laboratory has been established in 2007 with support from GMPACE, DoEd and College of Engineering. The ISEL is currently used for graduate/undergraduate teaching and research in the following area like Network Based Manufacturing (NBM), Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing (ECM),On-line Laboratory, Data Mining and Bio-Informatics. TheISEL requested a cross-departmental facility to support or enhance research across a broad spectrum of disciplines. This lab is a 600 ftfacility, which is equipped with YAMAHA SCARA Robots with high resolution machine vision systems, Stratasys FDM 3000 Rapid Prototype Machine, one high speed computing Sun server,nine HP XW 4300 Workstations, two HP XW 4600 Workstations, one large scale printer and a high end TANDBERG 990 MXP video conference system.
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