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Operations and Supply Chain Management

Imagine yourself as a key link in the chain of goods-and-services delivery that keeps your community  and the world running. A degree in Operations and Supply Chain Management from UTEP can put you in a top management position where you synchronize suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and customers. Graduates of our SCM programs hold a variety of positions in the information, manufacturing management, supply management, production and service industries throughout the world. They are responsible for planning, organizing, directing and controlling the delivery of goods and services that give businesses a competitive edge in the global economy. They are professionals with strong decision-making and organizational skills and knowledge in diverse supply chain management areas including procurement, supplier relations, production planning, quality management, transportation, inventory control, project management and service management.

Professionals in the Operations and Supply Chain Management field are in high demand, as opportunities for careers abound worldwide. In fact, recent data from the Department of Labor ranks openings for general and operations managers as the No. 1 in the nation (expected number of new jobs) and No. 4 in Texas! Local, regional and international corporations often recruit our talented graduates due to their unique classroom and real-life experiences working in a border and international setting.

Why Study Supply Chain Management at UTEP?

UTEP’s Operations and Supply Chain Management programs prepares students to join this rapidly growing field through personalized attention from top-notch faculty and supportive staff. Our international setting provides unique opportunities for students to intern with international and global firms (most Fortune 100 manufacturing firms have operations in El Paso/ Juarez), and our students are prepared to contribute their knowledge, skills and dedication to global firms in need of highly skilled professionals.

Program Contacts

Dr. Jose H. Ablanedo-Rosas
Fax: 915-747-5126
College of Business Administration, Room 206.

Dr. Wenming Chung
Fax: 915-747-5126
College of Business Administration, Room 202.

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