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It is the mission of the Cooperative to become a renowned nucleus of innovative integrated interdisciplinary research in human performance.

The purpose of the Cooperative is to gather and integrate intellectual, financial, and physical resources from across the UTEP campus to investigate significant and complex human performance issues that are in need of interdisciplinary study.  Research may range from basic to applied, but will focus on contributing new knowledge and applicable solutions to varied aspects of human performance in innovative and illuminating ways through participatory research efforts among faculty and students with diverse areas of expertise.
An Integrated Interdisciplinary Approach    

Human performance is investigated by many disciplines ranging from psychology to mathematics, and nutrition to engineering.  Various qualitative and quantitative methodologies to examine basic and applied questions are utilized, bet research projects often incorporate single or related disciplinary perspectives.  The Cooperative gathers researchers from significantly different disciplines to garner their diverse ways of thinking about complex research questions in need of an answer and blending this expertise in participatory research projects.  With a focus on addressing complex research questions through the convergence of perspectives from multiple disciplines, the Cooperative aims to create new and innovative scientific avenues of inquiry, which may eventually lead to the formation of new disciplines.