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Academic Center for Engineers and Scientists (

>> Finding a comfortable environment to study, meet for group projects, or just relax
between classes can be challenging for commuter students, but not for students at UTEP.
Science and engineering students have ACES, a network of state-of-the-art resource centers
that provide emerging scientists and engineers with places to study and access to academic
materials and equipment.  

>> ACES Resources and Services
  • Over 50 wireless laptops and 60 desktops
  • Network printers and scanners
  • Multi-media presentation equipment
  • Meeting space for group study or student organizations
  • Reference and study materials
  • Free tutoring for over 44 STEM courses

The first ACES facility was built in 1997 using existing space in the heart of UTEP’s science
and engineering complex.  As demand for space increased, more centers were added. Today
ACES includes four facilities.  All centers include spaces for both individual and group study,
meeting spaces for student organizations and classes.  

>> The cost for the renovation of each center was approximately $50 per square foot.

Location, resources, and services all play a role in the success of the centers.  However, the
true secret to ACES’ success is its unique management style.   “Run by students for students,"
  a student leadership team manages the day-to-day operations.  In fact, the
ACES motto is “
Run by students for students.”  After all, who better to understand what students
need than students themselves?

Classroom Building, CRBL 101
Phone: (915) 747-8727

Fax: (915) 747-8736

Physcal Science, 2nd Floor Lobby

Phone: (915) 747-8442

Fax: (915) 747-8736

Classroom Building eXPansion, CRBL 001
Phone: (915) 747-6481

Math, Bell Hall 130
Phone: (915) 747-8814


Website: ACES Website

Last Updated: 1 April 2010