University of Texas at El Paso
About TRACS    

The focus of our Center is on development of theory for useful applications. Applications include processing noisy data and images in remote sensing and non-destructive testing, and various aspects of computer security and privacy, especially in e-commerce. Areas of interest include reasoning under uncertainty, security, interval computation, Kolmogorov complexity, and cryptography.

The TRACS Center consists of the following three research groups:

  • ELMOS - Electronic Money And Security The main objective of this group is to work on issues of computer security, electronic money, and electronic commerce ingeneral. We are especially interested in algorithmic approaches to security and privacy. A special subgroup is working on decision making aspects of computer security.
  • IF - use of Intervals andFuzzy in the description and processing of uncertainty
  • GEOINFORMATICS - developing new algorithms for processing geospatial data