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  • Data Mining and Knowledge Management: Rough Sets/Fuzzy Sets/Support Vector Machines Applications

  • Computer-Based Decision Support Systems/Supply Chain Management

  • E-Quality Improvement Technology/Internet Based Manufacturing (IBM)

  • Bio-Informatics/Bio-Manufacturing 

  • Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing (Green Manufacturing)
Funded Grants    

16.  “Development and Evaluation of e-BasedBio-Manufacturing Laboratory for Engineering Education” project, DoEd-FIPSE(10/1/08-9/30/12). (PI, Funded) Grant Total/Duration: $ 637,810/ 4 years

15. “Engineering Education and Laboratory Enhancement: LeadingVirtual Manufacturing to Reach Reality through Network Based Manufacturing”project, NSF-CCLI (5/1/2008-4/30/2010). (PI, Funded) Grant Total/Duration:$150,000/2 years

14. “Ethical Leadership: Applied Decision & EthicalTheories” project, NASA-NAFP (9/1/07-12/31/08). (Co-PI, Funded) GrantTotal/Duration: $50,000/ 1 year 

13. “Video Conference Units for Remote Collaboration on the2006-2007 PACE Next Generation Global Vehicle Project,” PACE Program (GM)(4/1/07-3/31/08). (PI, Funded) Grant Total/Duration: $12,000 (cash) plus $2,500matching fund from COE/ year

12. “Enhancement in Online Laboratory Learning” project,DoEd-FIPSE (1/1/07-12/31/09). (UTEP-PI, Funded) Grant Total/Duration: $ 412,000/3 years (Drexel University: $292,000; UTEP: $120,000)

11. “Network-Based Manufacturing” project, PACE/Hewlett PackardDesktop/Large-Format Desktop Printer Grant (GM) (4/1/06-3/31/07) (Co-PI with PIRong Pan, Funded) Grant Total/Duration: 6 HP PCs and 1 large-format desktopprinter (equivalent to $65,000 of market value) / year

10. “Support of Product Life-Cycle Management (PLM) RelatedCourses, Student Design Competitions, Workshops and Seminars through a VirtualEnvironment among PACE Institutions” project, PACE Program (GM)(4/1/06-3/31/07). (PI, Funded) Grant Total/Duration: $7,000 (cash) plus 3 HPPCs (equivalent to $30,000 of market value) / year

9. “Fabricating Environmentally Conscious (Benign) Manufacturinginto Engineering Education” project, DoEd-MSEIP (9/1/05-8/31/08). (PI, Funded)Grant Total/Duration: $314,867/ 3 years

8. “Applying Novel Data Mining Approach for Fault Diagnosis ofElectronic Component in Manufacturing Industry” project, RUI program 2005 atUTEP. (PI, Funded) Grant Total/Duration: $3,550/ year

7. “A Study on Applying Data Mining to Fault Prognosis andDiagnosis in Electronic Component in Manufacturing Industry” project, WKUSummer Fellowship, 2003. (PI, Funded) Grant Total/Duration: $5,000/year

6. “Applying Data Mining and Fuzzy Mathematical Approaches toControl Surface Roughness with Changing Process Conditions in Metal Cutting”project, Kentucky Science and Engineering Foundation (KSEF) 2002 Program(1/1/03-12/31/03). (PI, Funded) Grant Total/Duration: $14,362/year

5. “Rough Set Based Decision Support Systems for Quality Controlof Surface Roughness in Machining Process” project,” NSF EPSCoR 2002 (REG)Program (6/1/02-5/31/04). (PI, Funded)Grant Total/Duration: $31,676/ 2 years

4. “Acquisition of Manufacturing Systems for Quality Assurancein Precision Machining Processes Using Data Mining,” for the NSF (MRI/RUI;8/15/01- 7/31/04). (PI, Funded) Grant Total/Duration: $340,000 (NSF:$268,426/WKU match: $81,574) / 3 years

3. “Project Assignment Management System (PAMS)” project, fundedby the AMSI/WKU (8/1/01-12/31/01). (PI, Funded) Grant Total/Duration: $6,000/5months

2. “Development of an e-Based Decision Support System forModular Product Design in the Automotive Industry,” WKU Junior FacultyScholarship (2/27/01-2/26/02). (PI, Funded)Grant Total/Duration: $4,000/ 1 year

1. Development of the 6 Sigma and Project Management TrainingProgram project for the Tyco Inc.Franklin, Kentucky (with Dr. MuratTiryakioglu) (6/1/00-9/30/00). (Co-PI, Funded)Grant Total/Duration: $30,000/4months