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Lab Equipments    

Printer Server

Optiplex GX 620 Pentium 4,  3.0GHz, 1Ghz RAM, 

150 Gb Hard Drive


E112 B: 8 - Hewlett Packard XW 4300 Workstation
Intel ®  P (4)  CPU, 3.4 GHz, 3.4 GHz and 3.25 GB of Ram.
Windows XP  Professional SP2
2 HP visualize X class with  P (3) CPU and 1.5GB of Ram
2 Dell Optiplex GX 400 Computers


1 - Hewlett Packard LaserJet 2420d
1 - Hewlett Packard Design Jet 110 plus nr

Software available in

E 112B

Adobe                               TORA
Pro E                                 Arena
Fuzzy Tech 5.5i                   Statistica
Expert system                    Gabi
Lindo 6.1                           Matlab 7.1
MINITAB14                        SAP
Scitor Process v4

Robotic Equipment Minimize    

Video Conferencing System