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fuzzyTECH is the world leading family of software development tools for fuzzy logic and neural-fuzzy solutions. It has enabled more successful fuzzy logic applications than any other tool. fuzzyTECH delivers faster and more compact systems than any other fuzzy logic tool.

fuzzyTECH can be linked and integrated with most other software products via standard interface techniques such as DDE, DLL, and ActiveX. For many popular software environments, It provides complete "plug-and-play" type interfaces (Simulink™, InTouch™, Excel™, Access™, VisualBasic™,). It's basic features are Programmability and Customization, Code generation and gives us process control solution Such solutions include: InTouch™, InControl™, CiTECT™, LabVIEW™, Matlab/Simulink™, WinFACT™, WinCC™, FIX™, BridgeVIEW™, and many others. Read More...


SimVentive, which is a product of Stottler Henke Associates, Inc., has the capability of intelligent tutor system, as the SimVentive rules can be used to incorporate intelligent tutoring system (ITS) capabilities that monitor, track and evaluate student actions during the scenario to infer strengths and weaknesses. SimVentive supports scenario development by letting designers create intelligent objects and define how they respond to events, states and the passage of time far more easily than is possible using general purpose programming and media scripting languages. At present efforts are being made to use this tool to build the agent based tutor system for the project, as this has the intelligent behavior capabilities which is the essence of this kind of tutor systems. Various features of SimVentive are being studied and tested to integrate with the specifications of this project.

Simapro 7

SimaPro 7 provides you with a professional tool to collect, analyze and monitor the environmental performance of products and services. You can easily model and analyze complex life cycles in a systematic and transparent way, following the ISO 14040 series recommendations. SimaPro has all features that you expect from a professional LCA software package: Parameterized modeling with scenario analysis, Hybrid LCA with Input Output databases.


Gabi is the software tool used for finding life cycle assessment of any product manufactured in an industry. It gives the environment effects caused by particular product in three stages:

Manufacturing phase, Utilization phase, Recycling phase

GaBi 4 assists in:

Greenhouse Gas Accounting, Life Cycle Assessment, Life Cycle Engineering, Design for Environment Energy Efficiency Studies, Substance Flow Analysis, Company Ecobalances


Rough Set
Stat soft

Team Center Community

Support Vector Machine