Funding Sources
There are numerous mechanisms to search for funding opportunities, including electronic databases and websites of funding agencies, private foundations, societies, and other sources. A brief summary of the major databases and links follows.

COS Pivot
: This database contains private and public funding opportunities from around the globe. It is open to researchers in any discipline. UTEP users can access PIVOT by going to their personal profile page in Expertise Connector and clicking on the “Visit my COS/PIVOT funding opportunities” link. Alternately, users can visit the COS Pivot website.

COS Pivot allows users to:

  • Conduct and save funding searches and receive notifications for new funding matches
  • View funding matches based on your COS/Pivot profile keywords*
  • Track and share funding opportunities
  • Find potential collaborators

      * The COS/Pivot profile initially defaults to the Expertise Connector personal profile


Funding for Graduate Students
: The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has kindly agreed to allow access to a database containing over 800 graduate student funding opportunities. You can browse by a wide array of relevant categories, or you can search for a particular award by entering a keyword in the "Search Fellowships" field.

Federal Agencies
: The websites of federal agencies, like the ones listed below, are a good source for finding funding opportunities. One can register for an RSS feed at many of these websites to receive notices from the agency directly, or use
: A source for finding and applying for competitive grant opportunities from all Federal grant-making agencies.

Foundation Center
: A national nonprofit service organization that maintains a comprehensive database to connect nonprofits, grant makers, researchers, and others.

Social Science Research Council
: an independent nonprofit organization devoted to the advancement of social science research and scholarship. The page lists current and upcoming opportunities to apply for SSRC fellowships and grants.

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