Training Requirements
Overview of Training Requirements

All students, staff, and faculty need to comply with various training elements before participating in any animal research activities at UTEP. Training requirements must be completed prior to being listed on any protocol or be given access to the animal facilities.

1 – 3 need to be taken only once
4 – 5 need to renewed annually
  1. Complete CITI Program Modules
    1. Must register with CITI program.
    2. Modules will be assigned according to each learner group.
      1. Mice
      2. Rats
      3. Mice & Rats
      4. USDA Researcher
      5. Aquatic Researcher
      6. Field Studies
      7. LARC
      8. IACUC Members
    3. Please contact the IACUC office for more information.

  2. Attend EH&S General Laboratory Safety and Biosafety
    1. You are required to register for the course. For more information on the next available classes CLICK HERE or call 915-747-7124.

  3. Attend a Vivarium Orientation course
    1. Make sure you have previously completed the above training requirements (1-2 & 4-5) before registering for Vivarium Orientation course. If you have not completed all other training requirements, you will not be allowed to enter the class.
    2. If you are planning to attend a session, you are required to register for the class in advance by sending an email to both the IACUC Office ( and (
      1. Be sure to include your name, UTEP ID number, and cc: your faculty mentor/Principal Investigator (if applicable).
    3. Course is available every 2nd Wednesday of each month*.
      *Classes are subject to change.

  4. Bloodborne Pathogens and Biosafety – 2 options to complete this requirement
    1. Register and attend EHS course CLICK HERE; OR /li>
    2. Complete modules online using CITI program

  5. Enroll in the Occupational Health Program. Enrollment is mandatory; participation is voluntary.
    1. Fill out the Occupational Health Questionnaire and return a copy through email to EHS office (health& and IACUC office (
    2. EHS Office will schedule an appointment to evaluate and access your questionnaire
Specialty courses will be assigned on an as needed basis. Please contact the IACUC office for more information.
  1. Animal Ethics and IACUC Overview
  2. Basics for Field Studies
  3. Didactic Surgical Course
  4. Handling and Biomethodology workshop
  5. Surgical Certification Practicum

Electronic Vivarium Access Form

Request a vivarium access form by contacting the IACUC office. Individuals must have training completed and be added to an approved animal protocol prior to requesting access.

Our office uses to process all vivarium access request forms electronically. Any individual requiring independent access will be required to create an account with IRBNet. Once registered, our office will be able to share the form with the student so they may sign the form electronically.

This form will be reviewed for approval by the Attending Veterinarian. If approved, the IACUC office will inform the student, at which point it will be the student’s reasonability to contact the Animal Facilities Manager for access. The Animal Facilities Manager will schedule a time to meet with the student to scan their hand and finalize the process.

NO individual may enter any animal facility using the access authorization of someone else.

Vivarium Access Checklist

  1. Completed ALL CITI modules online
  2. Complied with Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) courses
  3. Attended a Vivarium Orientation class
  4. Been added to an approved animal use protocol

Visitors entering the animal facilities must:
  1. Contact the Attending Veterinary or Animal Facility Manager
  2. Sign a Liability Form acknowledging the risks by entering the vivarium as presented by the AV/AFM
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