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If you have questions or concerns about the care and use of animals at UTEP, please call one of the departments listed below or email the IACUC office by using our comment box. Any concerns regarding the mistreatment of animals will be evaluated and investigated by the IACUC. You do not need to identify yourself when reporting. If you prefer to remain anonymous, you can either contact the University Compliance Help Line listed below or send the IACUC office an email by using our comment box. UTEP follows the Animal Welfare Act which prohibits discrimination against, or reprisal for, reporting violations of regulations or standards.

  • IACUC Office
    Phone: 915-747-7913

  • University Compliance Help Lline
    Phone: 1-888-228-7713

  • Laboratory Animal Resources Center (LARC)
    Phone: 915-747-5605 or 915-747-6823

  • Attending Veterinarian & Director of LARC
    Phone: 915-747-8751

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