Proposal Development Team
The Proposal Development Team (DevT) provides services to UTEP faculty and administrators in support of the development and writing of competitive proposals to public agencies, foundations and private agencies. The mission of the DevT is to enhance UTEP's capabilities for research and sponsored projects by increasing the quality and competitiveness of proposals submitted by faculty, staff, and students.

Proposal development services for UTEP faculty and staff include:

Please note: deadlines for requesting proposal development services are italicized; these are based on the agency deadline for proposal submission.

  • Identification of strategic funding and collaboration opportunities
    • Match university faculty and staff with emerging funding opportunities that are in line with UTEP’s strategic initiatives
    • Facilitate on-campus research collaborations in response to strategic funding opportunities
      • Through workshops, brownbag lunches, coordinated meetings, and the new Expertise system
  • Proposal Development
    • Assist with analyzing funding announcement (by appointment)
      • Provide general input
      • Develop proposal guideline summaries
    • Assist Investigators with proposal planning and development meetings (3 months)
      • Organize planning meetings
      • Generate a proposal development outline and timeline, e.g., task assignments, deadlines
    • Review specific content areas (2 weeks)
      • Provide data and information about UTEP and the region
      • Assist with sections of the proposal such as project management, evaluation, and dissemination
      • Assist with institutional supporting documents and letters
    • Draft reviews (1 week)
      • Edit proposals (and supporting documents)
      • Provide grammar and stylistic suggestions
      • Provide assistance in analyzing reviewer feedback
        • The DevT requests copies of the reviewer feedback to improve resubmissions
    • External review (1 month)
      • Arrange for external peer review of a proposal
  • Training opportunities to further develop investigators’ capacity to write proposals
    • Orientation
      • Introduction of ORSP services and resources
    • Brownbag lunches
      • Proposal preparation fundamentals (such as Analyzing a Solicitation, Talking to a Program Officer, Using the Budget Tool, Project Evaluation and Assessment, etc)
    • Targeted workshops
      • Address major sections of the proposal, e.g., research plan, specific aims, project summary, project management, etc.
      • Address agency-specific guidelines/requirements
      • Note: Minimum 2 months advanced notice is required and a minimum of eight participants


  • Please note:

  The PropDevT is available to assist PIs in mapping the appropriateness of funding opportunities; however, primary responsibility for seeking and identifying such opportunities lies with the PI.

  The first step in requesting proposal specific support services is to submit a Notice of Intent (NOI).

  PIs are ultimately responsible for the content of all proposals.

  We do not guarantee a proposal will be funded. Our mission is to increase the quality and competitiveness of proposals submitted by faculty, staff, and students.

  Help us improve our services by providing us with copies of the reviewer feedback of proposals the team has helped to develop.


To request support services contact the DevT at

DevT Members
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