FY 2006-07 URI Awards
FY 2006-07 URI Award Period: 9/1/06-8/31/07
Name Dept. College Proposal Title Amount Awarded
Camacho, Julia M. Schiavone History Liberal Arts Between Homelands: The expulsion of Chinese Mexican families from Mexico.. $5,000
Grineski, Sara E. Sociology/ Anthropology Liberal Arts Managing children's asthma on the US-Mexico border $2,320
Lightfoot, Dana J. History Liberal Arts The invisible power of patrician women: Marriage and inheritance stragies… $4,140
Nunez-Mchiri, Gillermina Gina Sociology/ Anthropology Liberal Arts Multiple identities on the U.S.-Mexico border $2,900
Skaff, Sheila M. Theatre Arts & Film Liberal Arts Karol Irzykowski's "The Tenth Muse": Aesthetic considerations of cinema $4,313
Sobin, Christina Psychology Liberal Arts Lead, genes and neurotoxicity: a pilot study of risk factors in residents…. $6,210
Timothy, Collins W. Sociology/ Anthropology Liberal Arts The role of external assistance programs in response to the 2006 floods… $2,888
Fjordbak, Bess Sirmon Speech-Language Pathology Health Sciences Patterns of bilingual language use in El Paso children $4,995
Koo, Mansoo Physical Therapy Health Sciences Bilateral coordination of speed dependent trademill training with body weight… $5,060
Cheu, Ruey Long (Kelvin) Civil Engineering Engineering Model to allocate emergency services to cover critical transportation infrastructures $5,005
Zhang, Jainmei (Jenny) Industrial Engineering Engineering Theoretical exploration of laser scattering phenomenon for subsurface cracks in .. $4,976
Kosheleva, Olga Teacher Education Education Enhancing mathematical and pedagogical content knowledge of future teachers .. $3,000
Baruah, Tunna Physics Science Simulation of structural, optical and magnetic properties of cluster-based materials $4,600
Bernal, Ricardo Chemistry Science Crystalization of the yeast V-type ATPase catalytic component $5,028
Borrok, David Geological Sciences Science Fractionation of Zn isotpes during adsorption onto mineral surfaces and metabolic.. $4,235
Michael, Katja Chemistry Science Engineering of UV-light-reactive plastic beads for ridding chemical mistures of … $4,963
Manuel, Llano Biological Science Science Molecular mechanism of LEDGF/p75 in HIV integration $4,895

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