FY 2007-08 URI Awards
FY 2007-08 URI Award Period: 9/1/07-8/31/08
Name Dept. College Proposal Title Amount Awarded
Esquinca, Alberto Teacher Education Education Pre-service teachers' use of two languages in math conceptual development $3,305
Robertson, William H. Teacher Education Education Dr. Skateboard's Action Science: Increasing Science Knowledge and Skills for Middle School Students $3,000
Toboada Jimenez, Heidi A. Industrial Engineering Engineering Investigation and Development of a New Models and Algorithms for the Solution of Multi-Objective Optimization Problems using Evolutionary Algorithms $5,000
Espiritu, Jose F. Industrial Engineering Engineering Development of a New Replacement Analysis Method for Aging Electricity Transmission and Distribution Systems $5,000
Cooke, Malcolm N. Mechanical Engineering Engineering Evaluation of 3D Cell Culture on a Composite scaffold for Tissue Engineering $5,000
Sipla, Justin Rehabilitation Sciences Health Science Ecomorphological correlates of semicircular canal size in bats (Mammalia; Chiroptera) $4,500
Armijos, Rodrigo X. Health Promotion Health Science Study Phase 0 of Leishmania mexicana bt, orff, amastin and ican-1 Proteins Delivered as DNA Vaccine using a Metalo-Lipid Nanoparticle Transporter $4,653
Schwartz, Ana I. Psycology Liberal Arts The Impact of a text structure reading strategy on bilingual college reading: From eye-movements to test scores $3,040
Brunk-Chavez, Beth & Fredericksen, Elaine English Liberal Arts Study to Understand and Prevent Dropout and Failure in First Semester Composition at a Minority Serving University $1,000
Risch, Brenda Women's Studies Liberal Arts Narratives of Excess: Representations of Fat Women in Contemporary European and American Films $2,845
Fan, Joshua History Liberal Arts The Homeless Generation: Voices from the Invisible Chinese Diaspora $5,240
O'Dell, Laura Psychology Liberal Arts Functional Validation of Candidate Genes Mediating Age and sex- Dependant Differences During Nicotine Withdrawal $6,000
Blume, Maria Language & Linguistics Liberal Arts Understanding Habitual Events: A Developmental Study with English- and Spanish-speaking children. $4,866
Rosas-Acosta, German Biology Science Development of tagged Influenza viruses by reverse genetics $4,975
Konter, Jasper Geology Science High-Precision Isotopic Measurements of Iron and Spiked Plasma Ionization Mass Spectrometry $4,895
Gosselink, Kristen L. Biology Science Brain pathways that integrate responses to stress and exercise $6,000
Miranda -Arango, Manuel Biology Science Effect of Amphetamines on Stability of the Dopamine Transporter $6,100
Cox, Marc B. Biology Science Development of a Yeast Functional Assay for the Identification and Characterization of Pregnane X Receptor Modulators $5,000
Maldonado, Rosa A. Biology Science Validation of Mucin-Associated Surface Protein (Masp) As Vaccine Candidate To Treat Chagas' Disease $5,000

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