Fall 2009 URI Awards
Fall 2009 URI Award Period: 9/1/09-8/31/10
Name Dept. College Proposal Title Amount Awarded
Luykx, Aurolyn Sociology/Anthropoligy and Teacher Education Teacher Education Perceptions of Guatemalan Mayan school teachers regarding the effects of assessment and accountability policies on indigenous students $4,800
Shafirovich, Evgeny Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Reaction Mechanisms in Solar/Nuclear Thermochemical Hydrogen Production $5,000
Vella, Chantal A. Kinesiology Health Sciences Heart Rate Recovery in Obese Adults $4,560
Rohrleitner, Marion Christina English Liberal Arts Rebel Women: Afro-Latina Fiction and the Rewriting of Women's Hisotry in the Americas $4,000
Beltran, Alfredo Urzua Languages and Linguistics Liberal Arts Building a Context-Specific Learner Corpus of Second Language Writing for ESL research at UTEP $5,000
Hiroi, Taeko Political Science Liberal Arts Electoral Strategies, Career Goals, and Corruption under Open-List Proportional Representation $4,700

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