Research Administration
Proposal Submission and Award Management Services
Mission and Vision of ORSP Research Administration
Our vision is to accelerate the research and sponsored program enterprise while adhering to university policies and federal regulations.
Mission Statement:

We are a team of trained and motivated individuals supported by technology and other resources that provide pre-award and post-award services.

Our objectives is to provide high quality, efficient, customer-focused service and support for the successful submission of competitive proposals and management of awards that contribute to the overall mission of the University of Texas at El Paso.

Our services include:


  • Review and interpret agency proposal guidelines
  • Work with the PI to develop a reasonable and allowable budget
  • Prepare transmittal documents
  • Provide technical assistance and submit proposal packages


  • Receive and set up the account information
  • Negotiate the terms and conditions of complex contracts
  • Generate and negotiate sub-recipient contracts under prime awards
  • Provide information and training regarding post-award administration of sponsored programs
  • Provide technical assistance with subcontract management
  • Provide guidance on reporting requirements
  • Maintain agency contact when necessary
  • Close out the award when complete
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