Spring 2010 URI Awards
Spring 2010 URI Award Period: 01/01/10-12/31/10
Name Dept. College Proposal Title Amount Awarded
Berger, Candyce S. Social Work Health Science El Paso's Pregnant Teens: Why are the Rates So High? $5,000
Espinosa, Ruben English Liberal Arts Shakespeare and Immigration $3,500
Ford, Paula B. Health Promotion Health Science Examining the role of neighborhood demographic, socioeconomic, and physical environments on Hispanic health disparities in a border $5,000
Gonzalez, Horacio Biological Sciences Science Micro-RNA profiling during arsenic-induced carcinogenesis: a potential epigenetic window to understand cause-effect relationships. $5,000
Guerrero, Laura Marketing and Management Business Conceptualization of subjective and objective career success criteria and predictors by low-skilled and college-educated Mexican immigrants in the United States $5,000
Han, Kyung-An Biological Sciences Science Neurobiological mechanisms of genetic and social interactions influencing impulsivity $5,000
Jimenez-Arevalo, Fernando Rafael Marketing and Management Business The Relationship Between Perceived Organizational Bicultural Orientation and Job/Customer Satisfaction $5,000
Nu┼łez, Jose Chemistry Science Pyridylamine Derivatives: Propeller-Shaped Molecules as Building Blocks for Magnetic Chains, Nanocages, and Dendritic Solar Cells. $5,000
Ramos-Gonzalez, Miguel A Marketing and Management Business Understanding the Role of Geography in Post-Acquisition Restructuring $5,000

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