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Rio Bosque Trails

A network of trails winds throughout the park.  Three are loop trails marked with distinctive logos: a frog for the 0.6-mile Bosque Trail (fully accessible), a duck for the 1.5-mile Wetland Trail and a dragonfly for the 2.4-mile Rio Trail.   All three start near the park's visitor center.  Pick up a self-guided tour brochure at the trailhead, and check them out on your next visit.  

Bosque Loop    Wetland Loop   Rio Loop


0.6 miles.  A hard-surfaced trail, suitable for wheelchairs.  This trail will introduce you to the Rio Bosque landscape and the ways that landscape is changing.  No horses on this trail please. 
1.5 miles.  You’ll walk through the bosque, cross the  Park’s interior, make a side trip to a wetland overlook, then finish with a stroll along the old river channel.
2.4 miles.  The longest of the Park’s three loop trails.   On it, you’ll get the most complete look at the Park’s varied habitats and have the best views of the wetlands.