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Western Spotted Skunk a New Mammal for Park

Photo: 12 Sep 2019; courtesy of Lois Balin, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

 New mammals appear at Rio Bosque only infrequently.  The latest, our 25th species, was a Western Spotted Skunk (Spilogale gracilis) that strolled into the field of view of a trail camera early on the morning of 12 Sep. 



Beaver Activity Has Resumed


This beaver appeared at Rio Bosque in January and was the first to visit the park in 9 years.  Photo:  22 Jan 2019.  


Last winter, a beaver was present at Rio Bosque for almost 2 months, but we saw no signs of it after mid-March.  Now, we are seeing signs again.  On 2 July, we encountered 2 Goodding willow saplings that had been cut down by a beaver the night before.  How long might this stay last?  As of 30 October, almost 4 months later, we are still seeing signs of fresh activity.  


Current Rio Bosque Water Conditions

Water discharges from pipeline to Wetland Cell 2 at Rio Bosque Wetlands Park, 18 Oct 2015

Winter water deliveries to the park from the Roberto Bustamante Wastewater Treatment Plant started 2 Nov.  Wetland Cell 1 is now 40% flooded, Cell 2 is 85% flooded, and water is flowing the full length of the former bend of the Rio Grande that winds through the park.