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Beaver Activity Has Resumed

This beaver appeared at Rio Bosque in January and was the first to visit the park in 9 years.  Photo:  22 Jan 2019.  


Last winter, a beaver was present at Rio Bosque for almost 2 months, but we saw no signs of it after mid-March.  Now, we are seeing signs again.  On 2 July, we encountered 2 Goodding willow saplings that had been cut down by a beaver the night before.  How long might this stay last?  


Current Rio Bosque Water Conditions

Water discharges from pipeline to Wetland Cell 2 at Rio Bosque Wetlands Park, 18 Oct 2015

Water deliveries to the park from the Roberto Bustamante Wastewater Treatment Plant started again 1 May.  The first deliveries of irrigation water from the Riverside Canal began 10 June.  Small areas are now flooded in the wetland cells, and water is flowing the full length of the former bend of the Rio Grande that winds through the park. The park's 2 wells are also contributing to the flow in the old river channel.