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Rio Bosque Biological Management Plan

Our goal at Rio Bosque Wetlands Park is to re-establish the mosaic of habitats characteristic of the Rio Grande and its floodplain in pre-settlement days.  The Biological Management Plan for the park, completed in October 2002, guides our work to achieve this goal.

The management plan is available here in downloadable pdf format.  It is divided into sections to make the file sizes smaller and more manageable.  You can also download the entire document as a single pdf file. 

The plan begins with a description of the historic conditions of the Rio Grande floodplain, so that we have an idea of what we are ‘trying to restore to’.  Then the current conditions of the area are described, which have resulted from the management of the river for irrigation and flood control.  Next, the planned future condition for the park is presented, along with six specific goals for accomplishing the mission of the park.  The final section, which makes up the bulk of the management plan, presents the detailed management recommendations for attaining each of those six goals. 

Introduction: Cover, Table of Contents, Introduction  (2.06 MB)
 Part 1: Regional Context  (1.90 MB)
 Part 2:
Rio Bosque Wetlands Park  (2.85 MB)
 Part 3:
Park Management Concerns  (2.27 MB)
Part 4:
Park Management Goals  (1.69 MB)
Part 5:
Recommended Actions  (3.21 MB)
Appendix A:
Monitoring Wells  (2.25 MB)
Appendix B:
Soils, Soil Salinity, Depth to Ground Water  (2.21 MB)
Appendix C: Ground Water Data  (1.73 MB)
Appendix D: Surface Water Chemistry  (1.62 MB)
 Appendix E: Plant and Animal Species Lists  (2.46 MB)
 Appendix F: Recommended Plants for Revegetation, Rio Grande Fish Species  (1.69 MB)
Appendix G: Moist Soil Management Guidelines  (1.63 MB)