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Rio Bosque Adjacent Land Issues

Activities on lands adjacent to Rio Bosque Wetlands Park can have a significant influence on ecological conditions within the park.  An important part of the management program for Rio Bosque is staying abreast of activities on adjacent lands and working  to influence those activities so that they will have positive rather than negative impacts on the park.  Here are some of the key activities on adjacent lands that are affecting or have potential to affect the park:  


    Border Fence.  In December 2008 and January 2009, contractors for the Department of Homeland Security built a portion of the border fence along the west boundary of the park.  The 18-foot-tall fence borders the park for 1.25 miles and effectively severs what had been an open connection between the park and the Rio Grande.  Read more...
    Border Highway Extension.  El Paso County and the Texas Department of Transportation are planning a future extension of the Border Highway from the Zaragoza Bridge to the planned new Guadalupe-Tornillo port of entry. 
    Riverside Canal.  This canal forms the eastern and southern boundaries of the park.  El Paso County Water Improvement District No. 1 is in the process of concrete-lining approximately 3 miles of the canal, including the portion next to Rio Bosque.  Read more...