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Amphibians and Reptiles of Rio Bosque Wetlands Park

Order Anura
Family Bufonidae Toads
  Anaxyrus punctatus
red-spotted toad
  Anaxyrus woodhousii
Woodhouse's toad
Family Pelobatidae Spadefoot Toads
  Scaphiopus couchii
Couch's spadefoot
Family Ranidae True Frogs
  Lithobates catesbeiana bullfrog
Order Testudines
Family Emydidae Water and Box Turtles
  Terrapene ornata
ornate box turtle
 Trachemys scripta pond slider
Family Kinosternidae Mud and Musk Turtles
  Kinosternon flavescens
yellow mud turtle
Family Trionychidae Softshell Turtles
  Apalone spinifera
spiny softshell
Order Squamata
Family Phrynosomatidae Sand, Horned and Spiny Lizards
  Phrynosoma cornutum
Texas horned lizard    
  Sceloporus cowlesi 
Southwestern fence lizard
  Uta stansburiana 
side-blotched lizard
Family Sincidae Skinks
  Plestiodon obsoletus
Great Plains skink
Family Teiidae Whiptails
  Aspidoscelis exsanguis
Chihuahuan spotted whiptail
  Aspidoscelis inornata
little striped whiptail 
Family Colubridae Colubrid Snakes
  Arizona elegans glossy snake  
  Hypsiglena torquata night snake
  Lampropeltis splendida desert kingsnake
  Masticophis flagellum  coachwhip 
 Pantherophis emoryi
Great Plains ratsnake
  Pituophis catenifer gopher snake
  Rhinocheilus lecontei  longnose snake
  Tantilla hobartsmithi Smith's black-headed snake
  Thamnophis marcianus   checkered garter snake