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Mammals of Rio Bosque Wetlands Park

Order Chiroptera Bats
Family Mollosidae Free-tailed Bats
  Tadarida brasiliensis Brazilian free-tailed bat
Order Lagomorpha Pikas, Hares and Rabbits
Family Leporidae Hares and Rabbits
  Sylvilagus audubonii
desert cottontail
  Lepus californicus
black-tailed jackrabbit
Order Rodentia Rodents
Family Sciuridae Squirrels
  Spermophilus spilosoma
spotted ground squirrel
  Spermophilus variegatus
rock squirrel
Family Geomyidae Pocket Gophers
  Geomys arenarius
desert pocket gopher
Family Heteromyidae Pocket Mice and Kangaroo Rats
  Perognathus flavescens
Plains pocket mouse  
  Perognathus flavus
silky pocket mouse
  Chaetodipus eremicus
Chihuahuan Desert pocket mouse
Family Castoridae Beavers
  Castor canadensis
American beaver
Family Muridae Mice, Rats and Voles
  Reithrodontomys megalotis western harvest mouse
  Peromyscus leucopus white-footed mouse
  Peromyscus maniculatus deer mouse  
  Sigmodon hispidus hispid cotton rat
  Mus musculus house mouse
  Ondatra zibethicus common muskrat
Order Carnivora Carnivores
Family Canidae Dogs, Foxes and Wolves
  Canis latrans
  Urocyon cinereoargenteus
common gray fox
Family Procyonidae Raccoons, Ringtails and Coatis
  Procyon lotor
northern raccoon
Family Mustelidae Weasels, Otters and Badgers
  Mustela frenata
long-tailed weasel
Family Mephitidae Skunks
 Spilogale gracilis
western spotted skunk
  Mephitis mephitis
striped skunk
Family Felidae Cats
  Lynx rufus bobcat
Order Artiodactyla Even-toed Ungulates
Family Tayassuidae Peccaries
  Pecari tajacu collared peccary

Taxonomy and nomenclature follow:

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Revised checklist of North American mammals north of Mexico, 2003.  Occasional Papers, The Museum of Texas Tech University, 229:1-23.