Spring 2011 URI Awards
Spring 2011 URI Award Period: 01/01/11-12/31/11
Name Dept. College Proposal Title Amount Awarded
Rebecca Reed-Jones Kinesiology College of Health Sciences Constraining eye movements when turning $5,000
Son-Young Yi Mathematical Sciences College of Science Development, analysis and implementation of numerical methods for flow in deformable porous media $5,000
Jennifer Eno Louden Psychology College of Liberal Arts The role of social support in mental health treatment seeking in justice-involved Hispanics: One year follow-up $2,866
Jeremy A. Ross Biological Sciences College of Science Validation of Jak3 as a Target for the Treatment of Leukemia $5,000
Jasper Konter Geological Sciences College of Science Using lava radiogenic isotope compositions to investigate the controversial origin of substantial volcanism in the mid-Pacific Ocean; the Line Islands $5,000
Connie Summers Dept of Rehabilitative Sciences; Speech Language Pathology College of Health Sciences Nonword Repetition in English/Spanish Bilingual Adults $4,299
Carol Brochin Ceballos English College of Liberal Arts Literacy at the Border: How Transnationalism Shaped the Biliteracy Practices of Teachers in Texas $4,837

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