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RCR Policy


To promote a campus wide environment of responsible conduct for research, complying with requirements from UT System, UTEP, and funding agencies (specifically: National Institutes of Health (NIH), National Science Foundation (NSF), and others.)


UTEP has elected to join "Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative" (CITI), a web-based training site to provide all research-related compliance training to UTEP's research community. UTEP has identified and established a specific Responsible Conduct in Research (RCR) curriculum for learner groups by specific disciplines (Biomedical, Social & Behavioral Research, Physical Sciences, Humanities, Engineers, and Administrators). The RCR topics through CITI include: Research Misconduct, Data Management, Conflict of Interest, Collaborative Science, Responsible Authorship, Mentoring, Peer Review, research with animal models, and protections of Human Subjects in research.


UTEP's policy is that RCR training is required for all students, faculty and research-related staff that are involved in sponsored research projects. Principal Investigators (PI) and Project Directors (PD) should encourage external consultants participating in a sponsored project to complete the RCR Training. In addition, the RCR training is also required for staff with pre-and post-award functions of sponsored projects in the Office of Research and Sponsored Projects and Contracts & Grants Accounting. RCR training through CITI is valid for three years from the date the training is completed.


The Office of Research and Sponsored Projects (ORSP) has developed a certification, notification, monitoring, and assignments of training system. All PI/PD, staff, student and managerial/administrative learner groups, regardless of source of funds, need to complete the RCR training as well, to ensure compliance with UTEP institutional annual training requirements. At time of appointment and/or at time of award notification, data will be collected in our trainee tracking system. Upon availability of data, an initial notification is issued to the individual that the RCR training must be completed within 30 days of notification. A reminder notice will be issued within 10 days thereafter, and a second reminder notice will be issued to the individual and the appropriate supervisor 10 days thereafter. On the 60th day, a third "delinquency" notice will be issued to chairs, deans, and UTEP leadership and may have consequences.


Non-compliance with Federal, State, UT System and UTEP policies and regulations may suspend the PI’s sponsored project privileges. Any questions regarding exceptions and re-instatement of privileges must be sent in writing to the Vice President for Research (VPR). Decisions regarding re-instatement of privileges are at the advice of the VPR and are final.



CITI Registration Instructions (*Updated* - 8/8/13) 
CITI - Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative Website

  1. How do you register for the CITI Training?
    Go to the CITI Website ( and follow the instructions given. There are two links to choose from-One for the Already Registered users and one for New users.
  2. Which Participating Institution should I select as a New User?
    Make sure to affiliate yourself to The “University of Texas at El Paso” from the “Participating Institutions” drop down menu.
  3. Why am I required to take the RCR training if I do not have an active grant?
    If you do not have an active grant, but you are teaching or conducting research, or otherwise have involvement with research projects, you should take the Responsible Conduct in Research Training for “Administrators”.
  4. How do I know what learner group to choose?
    There are several ways to select a learner group.  Best option is to select the group closest to the research you are conducting.  For subjects such as Biomedical Engineering, you could pick either Biomedical RCR or RCR for Engineers, although it is preferred to default to your home college/department.
  5. Can I complete the training in several sessions?
    Yes. You can leave and always come back to the site to finish any modules, using your CITI username and password.
  6. How often do I need to take the RCR course to keep my training current?
    UTEP has elected to keep each RCR training certificate current for three (3) years. 
  7. What do I do if I have forgotten my username and password?
    CITI has an automated username and password retrieval system available at  If you encounter problems retrieving this information, contact CITI Support at (305) 243-7970.
  8. What if I have already completed the training prior to being employed at UTEP?
    Trainee must affiliate him/herself with The “University of Texas at El Paso”, and enroll and select a course same or similar as to the one from your prior institution.Refer to CITI Support Link:
  9. How can I obtain a copy of my completion certificate?
    Log in with your CITI credentials, and on the front page (Main Menu), under Completion Reports, you will find the option to “Print”.
  10. Where do I go to access more help and support with the CITI web application?
    CITI has an extensive knowledge base and support site that is very helpful for new and existing users. Refer to the following link:
  11. What if my username does not allow me to register?
    Someone else may already have the same user name, so create a new one by adding 1, 2, or other characters to your user name to avoid duplication. You may also use your email as a unique user name.

Please contact us at for any questions or concerns regarding the UTEP-CITI compliance training requirement.

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