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The Proposal Development Team is dedicated to ORSP’s mission of accelerating the research and sponsored program enterprise at UTEP and offers both one-on-one assistance for grant writers as well as group workshops. This Fall the team will offer a “JumpStart Your Research” program tailored for faculty who are in the beginning or early stages of their research career. This series of four workshops will provide faculty and research staff with proposal development training, including research plan development, identification and interpretation of funding opportunities, and proposal writing basics.

Jumpstart Goals

  • To contribute to UTEP’s goal of becoming a national research university.
  • To increase the quantity and improve the quality of competitive research proposals submitted by UTEP faculty in all colleges.
  • To engage faculty in critical, strategic thinking in proposal development that aligns with their career objectives for research and education.

JumpStart Objectives - The JumpStart program will lead faculty participants to:

  • Develop and embark on a 5-year research plan for pursuing career goals and objectives through funded research.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the various agencies and mechanisms available to support research.
  • Acquire the skills and knowledge that will lead to the generation of a competitive research proposal that aligns with their career goals and is responsive to an agency’s request for proposals.
  • Recognize the opportunities for collaborative and interdisciplinary research that facilitate one’s career goals and objectives.
  • Demonstrate communication skills to effectively describe their research in a compelling, succinct manner.
  • Recognize the benefits of critical feedback that improves the quality and competitiveness of research proposals.


JumpStart is open to all UTEP faculty or other personnel who pursue research as a significant percentage of their effort and would benefit from the JumpStart experience. The Fall 2016 program is specifically targeted to new, full time tenure-track and research faculty who have not yet written a successful research proposal as a Principal Investigator.

Participate in as many sessions as possible

  • Actively participate in at least three of the four scheduled sessions in the Fall 2016 semester and attend each session in its entirety (sessions will run 2.5 hours).
  • Complete all assignments and engage in at least one individual session with the Proposal Development Team
  • Continue to work with the proposal team until at least one research proposal is submitted.

For questions, please contact orsppropdev@utep.edu
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