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Jose Chavez

Field: Electrical Engineering

Degree: B.S. in 2011, Electrical Engineering, University of Texas at El Paso

My motivation to attend graduate school is that I feel a curiosity to learn more about the semiconductor field and then apply the knowledge to make significant contributions through my research. My plans after graduation are to work for a national laboratory to get a taste of the state of the art research environment that can only be found in these institutions. After this, I plan to become a professor in order to teach others what I have learned and to motivate new prospective researchers.


Paul Delgado

Field: Computational Science

Degree: B.S. in 2003, University of New Mexico

I’m in graduate school because I absolutely love solving partial differential equations using numerical methods, and I want learn how I can use this knowledge to model complex, multi-scale problems like oil and water management.  I want to continue research in multiscale modeling as a researcher in a national laboratory or in academia. 

David Espalin Jr.

Field: Material Science and Engineering

Degree: B.S. in 2010, Mechanical Engineering, University of Texas at El Paso

My decision to attend graduate school was based on my passion for research and the desire to gain a profound understanding of the physical phenomena that occurs in advanced manufacturing processes.  Even before completing my undergraduate studies, I realized that my passion for research was motivated by the constant challenge of learning something new.  As such, enrolling in graduate school was a logical choice that has enabled me to become exposed to more complex engineering topics.  Moreover, graduate school has allowed me to begin developing my mentoring skills which I feel will be central to my academic future.  I would like to further refine my research skills be participating in future post doctoral research.  Ultimately, I plan on obtaining a faculty position that allows me to conduct research in the area of Additive Manufacturing.

Angelica (Angie) Lopez

Field: Biology

Degree: B.S. in 2010, Microbiology, Cornell University

The idea of attending graduate school was one I started considering in high school and strived to make concrete during my undergraduate studies in college. I was unsure if I would get a M.S. first and then a Ph.D. or start with a Ph.D. but I knew that I loved conducting research and coveted a career as a research scientist. Infectious diseases have always caught my attention ever since I started my studies in biology and the studies of the mechanisms with which they cause disease have an intriguing allure.After I graduate from graduate school, I plan to pursue a postdoc in the field of infectious diseases in a lab that studies the molecular mechanisms of pathogenesis of organisms that hold my interest. Ultimately, I would like to be a principal investigator in this area and command my own lab at a research intensive university, where I can foster and mentor young minds who propose to also follow a path in research.


Carmen Lozano

Field: Environmental Science

Degree: B.S. in 2011,  Environmental Science , New Mexico State University

My motivation for attending graduate school stems from the desire to gain factual knowledge and learn ideas have always fascinated me. Growing up, I gained an awareness of my local community’s environmental problems, which generated greater curiosity in me to try to understand anthropogenic effects on natural environments. Obtaining a higher education provides me with the opportunity to enhance my knowledge and increases my ability to contribute to the advancement of scientific research. My aspirations to cultivate research and contribute to the Environmental Science field, in particular water quality reinforce the desire to pursue a doctorate. By enriching my education, I plan to pass scientific vitality to future researchers as a university professor.

Ricardo Mccreary Jr.

Field: Chemistry

Degree: B.S. in 2009, Chemistry, University of Texas at El Paso

Interested in various subjects throughout my education, Chemistry allowed me to understand processes that encompassed all my interests.  While studying chemistry as an undergraduate I desired to improve the way I developed ideas to contribute to the scientific community and society.Becoming involved in research as an undergraduate at the University of Texas at El Paso allowed me to understand how such a research environment can allow me such develop such tools.  Pursing graduate studies would and has allowed me obtain a realistic taste of processes and concepts towards approaching, resolving, and reinventing solutions.  Furthermore, being in such a research related environment would allow me to share ideas with others regionally and internationally through seminars, conference, and through the classroom setting.  After graduation I plan to continue my studies towards obtaining my Ph.D.; afterwards, which will allow me to continue allow me to continue to develop as a researcher and instructor. 

Jorge Mireles

Field: Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Degree: B.S. in 2011, Mechanical Engineering, University of Texas at El Paso

Through my college career I have been strongly motivated by my mentor and my colleagues to continue with an advanced degree.  I started doing research very early while in high school through early research programs and later got involved with the Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP) in which I was a part of for the rest of my baccalaureate career.  Before graduate school I had been enjoying performing research for five years and my passion for my work still grows with every new project I am involved with.  I am currently pursuing a master’s degree in metallurgy and materials engineering at the University of Texas at El Paso. After graduation I hope to continue performing research and go on to acquire a doctoral degree.

Karla Prieto

Field: Biology

Degree: B.S. in 2010, Biology, University of Texas at El Paso

After one semester of completing my Bachelor’s degree in Biology, I felt the need to continue learning and decided to further my education with a higher degree. As the first graduate student in my family,I plan on creating a new path where I can serve as a role model to motivate and guide others. Even do, my first language is Spanish and I still struggle to understand and express myself in a foreign language, I want to prove that there are no obstacles to achieve your goals independently of your deficiencies. More than getting the top job, I want to become well-informed and reach the highest education I can get. After graduation, I planned on becoming a talented, dedicated and more importantly knowledgeable scientist.

Jennifer C. Ramos-Chavez

Field: Biological Sciences

Degree: B.S. in 2010, Biological Sciences , University of Texas at El Paso

Being the first in my family to graduate from college, I felt that I should not set my limits on just a Bachelors degree. I have always striven for academic excellence, and I have never settled for averageness. Therefore, upon completed my Bachelors degree where I also completed an Honors Research Thesis, I decided to pursue my Ph.D. in Biological Sciences. I have always had a love for science and teaching, therefore making the decision to obtain my Ph.D. was an easy one, as I aspire to couple my two passions and become a professor in Biological Sciences. I feel that within the science community there is a shortage of minorities, and female minorities are often more scarce. Because of this I hope to become a part of those few minority women that break the mold and become an integral part in the field of science. I also hope that by obtaining my Ph.D. I can serve as a model to students who can relate to my background, and thereby encourage more diverse groups who are often underrepresented in the science community become more actively involved, and perhaps pursue an advanced degree of their own. 


Fatima Lizeth Ramos

Field: Computer Engineering

Degree: B.S. in 2010, Electrical Engineering, University of Texas at El Paso

Computer Engineering and that’s when I developed a special interest in the area of communication networks and computer architecture. In the summer of 2010 I had my first research experience with LSAMP. This experience triggered my interest in pursuing a research career. I feel that through research I can have the greatest impact on our world. After completing my PhD, I plan to pursue a research career in academia. I wish to be a leader for future generations and an inspiration for them to go to graduate school.

Danniel Rodriguez

Field: Civil Engineering

Degree: B.S. in 2011,  Civil Engineering , University of Texas at El Paso

My motivation for pursuing higher education is fueled by my family and community whom have provided me with all the tools necessary to succeed through their continuous support and guidance. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to perform research on an integral component of America’s transportation infrastructure, in hot mix asphalt. Upon completion of the Civil Engineering PhD program at the University of Texas at El Paso, I hope to perform postdoctoral research in the field of flexible and rigid pavements. I would then like to pursue a position with the Texas Department of Transportation, and eventually work my way up to the management level of the pavement design and construction department. Ultimately, throughout my coursework and career, I would like to be involved in educational organizations where I can influence youth towards a life of education, particularly in STEM.I would like to be a resource of pavement expertise, but also lend a helping hand in educating today’s youth.

Nathaniel Schocker

Field: Chemistry

Degree: B.S. in 2009, Chemistry, University of Texas at Arlington

My decision to attend to graduate school was motivated by the appeal of higher education and the opportunities that it provides.  While a career in science can be achieved directly from an undergraduate degree, a doctoral degree will not only make me a more competitive applicant for a job, but will also allow me the option of becoming a professor, where I could discover my own research and expand the minds of upcoming scientists.  My plans after graduation are to attain a post-doctoral position in the field of bio-organic chemistry, to give myself the opportunity to one day teach and conduct research at a university.
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