All UTEP researchers (faculty, staff, and students) and outside collaborators who will be conducting human subjects’ research (intervention and/or interaction) must complete human subject research ethics training in order to conduct research with human participants.


The UTEP IRB Office has now implemented CITI training. It is a more comprehensive training module. Once completed, the training is valid for three years and accepted at most universities across the states.

The link is:

As you register and create an account, you will be asked supplemental questions about your role with human subjects and research. Please note the Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) modules are for those faculty, staff and students who are working  on a federally supported study. Completion of these modules will meet the institutional requirement, but not the IRB requirement. You need to click on Human Subject Research when choosing the appropriate course path(s).  Once you arrive at the four learning groups for social and behavioral research areas (SBR), Please select the learning group most applicable to you.

1)      Biomedical Researchers (faulty & students)-Science

2)      Social & Behavioral Researchers (faculty & students)-COBA/Education/Liberal Arts

3)      IRB Members-IRB Committee Members ONLY!

4)      Non-Biomedical Sciences (faculty & students & staff)-Engineering

5)      Health Sciences (faculty & students)-CHS/SON

6)      DNP Students

If you have completed IRB ethics training in the past three years, please follow the instructions below to upload your IRB training certificate into IRBNet.

1)    Log into IRBNet.
2)    At the top of the screen, click on “User Profile”.
3)    Scroll down to “Training Credentials” and click on “add new record”.

4)    There are two options (CV and other), please chose “other” and upload your training certificate. In the description field, enter “UTEP or CITI IRB Training”.  If you have taken other training such as NIH, state   that in the description field.

5)    Enter the effective date and attach your file.
6)    Once attached, the screen will refresh and “status” will indicate Not Submitted.
7)    On the right hand lower corned (under the paper icon), click on “submit”.
8)    This will then be added to your profile and viewable by the Administrator to verify current training.


The National Institute of Health (NIH) also provides a comprehensive training module involving Research and Human Subjects. This training module is available at no cost to the general public. Please visit the following link for more information or registration for the training module:

If you need further assistance or information, please contact the IRB office at (915) 747-7693 or via e-mail at

*Please Note: You will not receive approval to begin your study until the training verification is on file in the IRB office.

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