Fall 2012 URI Awards
Fall 2012 URI Award Period: 09/01/12-8/31/13
Name Dept. College Proposal Title Amount Awarded
Bajpeyi, Sudip Kinesiology Health Sciences Role of PAT Proteins on Lipid Droplet Mobilization During Exercise Performance $4,950
Bangert, Ashley S. Psychology Liberal Arts The whole world in one's hands: Using movement and gestures to improve older adults' associative memory $5,000
Francia, Giulio Biological Sciences Science Impact of Ceramide analogs on human breast cancer cell lines $5,000
Love, Norman Mechanical Engineering Engineering Design of Novel, Efficient, Durable Thermal Control Systems $5,000
Mito, Shizue Chemistry Science Photochemical Reactions of 1,4-Quinones with Sunlight $5,000
Moody, Michael L. Biological Sciences Science Molecular ecology of a North American aquatic plant invasion $4,994
Shabib, Ishraq Mechanical Engineering Engineering Performance evaluation of Silicon Carbide with embedded nanotwins under extreme irradiation conditions using large scale computer simulation $5,000
Villagran, Dino Chemistry Science Dual-Functionality Metalloligand Framework for the Activation of Small Molecules of Energy Impact $5,000
Xiao, Chuan Chemistry Science Determine the atomic structure of hCRY1, a core circadian regulator $5,050
Yan, Guirong Civil Engineering Engineering Innovative Condition Assessment of Bulk Storage Structures Using Comprehensive Monitoring Approaches $5,000

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