Dr. Carl Dirk
Department of Chemistry

Research: Optical Materials 

Description: My research projects focus on Optical Materials with special emphasis on nonlinear optics, reverse saturable absorption, dye chemistry, plastic optical fibers, dielectric filter manufacture, color theory, computational chemistry & Museum lighting. Our most recent work on Museum lighting involves creating filters that will reduce photochemical degradation of works of art.

Soheil Nazarian
Department of Civil Engineering

Research: Center For Transportation Infrastructure Systems

CTIS: The mission of the Center for Transportation Infrastructure Systems (CTIS) is to coordinate basic and applied research related to the nation's transportation infrastructure. Research funded by federal, state, and local agencies has three major foci: (1) geotechnical engineering, pavements, and materials, with work in such areas as nondestructive testing of infrastructure, pavement and geotechnical field characterization, innovative use of new and recycled materials, and novel design and analysis of pavements and transportation infrastructure; (2) transportation engineering and operations research in such areas as freight transportation demand analysis and forecasting, transportation infrastructure safety and security, and visualization for transportation planning; and (3) infrastructure and construction management with an emphasis on strategic planning, performance models, impact scenarios management, and risk assessment. A major goal of CTIS is to provide support for the Ph.D. in Civil Engineering. Read More...

Dr. Vinod Kumar
Department of Mechanical Engineering 

Research: Fluid Dynamics and Aerodynamics, Computational Analysis - CFD, FSI, MD Simulations, HPC, Multi-Scale/Physics Modeling, Energy Storage Systems and Renewable Energy, CO2 Sequestration

Description: Dr. Kumar has focused his research on understanding the fluid dynamics of complex real life systems with high performance computational methodology in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Fluid-Structure Interactions (FSI) using massively parallel computers. Current research topics include developing flow conductance model porous core at pore level to study CO2 sequestration and studying effects nano-particles/coatings on thermal energy storage systems in concentrating solar power, and FSI analysis of blood flow through deep veins. Read More...

Dr. Rajendra Zope, Dr. Tunnah Baruah, Fatemah Amerikheirabadi, Dr. Luis Basurto, Dr. Marco Olguin
Department of Physics

Research: Research goals are towards understandings the properties of molecules, nanocrystals and materials using quantum chemical simulations.

Electronic Structure Group: General interests of the group are understanding the electronic structure of materials using density functional theory. Current interests include charge transfer excitations in donor acceptor complexes (organic photovolatics), linear and non linear polarizabilities of molecules. Read More...