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ISEL:  Intelligent Systems Engineering Laboratory (ISEL)

Systems Engineering Initiatives

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Research projects are aligned with the priorities of the IMSE Department, the College of Engineering, UTEP, and world grand challenges.  The current challenge is to span the space between fundamental theory and experimentation, to applied research, to product development, and the satisfaction of human needs.

Research interests include systems engineering, systems architecture, software testing, decision making with tradeoffs and with consideration for cognitive biases, complex and self-organizing systems for large-scale efficiency increases.

Learning interests include project-based learning, active discovery and knowledge integration.

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Systems Engineering

Healthcare Systems

Engineering Education

Enterprise Architecture and Transformation

Software Testing

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Student Busing Pilot Study, Green Fund of the Student Government Association of UTEP, Eric D. Smith, Faculty Advisor, Jorge Regalado, Sergio Luna-Forg, Aditya Akunki and Carlos Sanchez, Research Assistants, 2012-2013, $36,781.

Fusing Green Energy into Manufacturing Engineering Education to Cultivate Technical Success and Leadership Excellence among Hispanic Engineering Students, DHSIP, Department of Education, Bill Tseng (PI), Paras Mandal, Eric D. Smith, 2012; $2,500,000.

Rhapsody DoD Frameworks:  Methodology for Constructing DoDAF Architectures in IBM Rational Rhapsody Using the UPDM, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, Eric D. Smith (PI) and Ricardo Pineda, 2012, $197,065.

Technology Refreshment Assessment Model III, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, Ricardo Pineda and Eric D. Smith (Co-PI), 2012, $95,000.

Wide-Area Student Busing Seed Project, Green Fund of the Student Government Association of UTEP, Eric D. Smith, Faculty Advisor, Carlos Sanchez, Sergio Luna-Forg and Aditya Akunki, Research Assistants, 2012, $33,600.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Architecture Additions for the UTEP Energy Infrastructure Deployment Plan, Emerging Clean Energy Technologies for the Alternative Fuels Initiative Grant Program of the Texas Comptroller Of Public Accounts, State Energy Conservation Office (SECO), Jorge Villalobos, PI, Eric D. Smith, Co-PI, 2011, $98,000.

Energy Dashboard System, sponsored by the UTEP Green Fund, Research Institute for Manufacturing & Engineering Systems (RIMES), Center for Environmental Resource Management (CERM), Ricardo Pineda, PI, Eric D. Smith, Advisor, 2011, $32,000.

Zachman Enterprise Architecture Bayesian Network for the Weighed Combination of Expert Analysis & Judgment Models for Complex and Uncertain ScenariosUniversity Research Institute (URI) Grant Application, UTEP, Eric D. Smith (PI), 2010-2011, $5,000,  

Models Describing Joint Behavior of Electric Power Markets and Systems, NSF & DOE FaST (Faculty and Student Team) Summer Fellowship at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Electrical Power Systems Integration Group, Power System Econophysics, The GridWise Program, Eric Smith (PI), Aaron Martinez, Federico Esquivel and Matthew Hernandez, Richland, WA., 2010, $28,000.

Student Support to Enhance Graduate Programs in Systems and Software Engineering, together with the Software Engineering Program of the Computer Science Department of UTEP, NSF: National Science Foundation, Steve Roach (PI), Ann Gates (PI), Shamnaz Virani (Co-PI), Eric D. Smith (Co-PI), $700,000, 2010-2013. 

Modeling & Architecture Project and Faculty Summer Internship, with Ricardo Pineda, Aero Design and Integration, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Fort Worth, TX, 2009, $47,555.

Technology Refreshment Assessment Model II (TRAM II) for Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages, Lockheed Martin Corporation, 2009, $93,600.

Technology Refreshment Assessment Model I (TRAM I) for Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages, Lockheed Martin Corporation, 2008, $18,000.