Spring/Summer/Fall 2013 URI Awards
Spring/Summer/Fall 2013 URI Award Period: 01/15/13 to 12/31/13
Name Dept. College Proposal Title Amount Awarded
Gonzalez, Eugenia C. Occupational Therapy Health Sciences Health Effects of a Writing Intervention for Mothers of Children Diagnosed with a Developmental Disbility  $4,919.00
Lara, Patricia Rehabilitative Sciences Health Sciences Assessing Cortical Electrophysiologic and Behavioral Activity in Individuals with Aphasia and Participants with No Brain Damage Responding to Spoken Sentence Length Messages of Increased Grammatical Complexity  $4,740.00
Li, XiuJun (James) Chemistry Science Simple and Sensitive One-step Aptamer-based Pathogen Detection Using High-throughput Droplet-based Lab-on-a-Chip Platform  $5,000.00
Mangadu, Thenral Public Health Sciences Health Sciences Immediate Health and Community Reintegration Outcomes from Participating in a Pilot Sexual Assault Support Program among Female Sexual Violence Victims in El Paso, TX.  $4,960.00
Nunez, Jose E. Chemistry Science Pyridine Functionalized Dendrimers as Potential Components in Solar Cells  $3,000.00
Ouellet, Hugues Biological Sciences Science Cholesterol side-chain degradation enzymes of Mycobacterium tuberculosis  $5,000.00
Schuppener, Mark Music Liberal Arts CD Recording and Production of Chamber Music from Latin America, Iberia, Mexico, and the US  $4,900.00
Spencer, Charles Biological Sciences Science Sexual Dimorphism in Survival from Francisella Infection  $4,911.00
Tillman, Daniel Teacher Education  Education Jumpstarting Research on Supports for Elementary Teachers Using Affordable Educational Robotics as an Assistive Technology for Students Diagnosed with Physical, Intellectual, and/or Behavioral Disabilities  $5,000.00
Villalobos, Jose D. Political Science Liberal Arts Exploring the Effects of Emotive Stimuli in Presidential Policy Appeals  $5,000.00
Wagler, Ron Teacher Education  Education Assessing Terrestrial Isopods as a Model Invertebrate for Use in the Elementary Classroom  $5,000.00

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