Fall 2014 URI Awards
Fall 2014 URI Award Period: 09/01/14-8/31/15
Name Appt. Title Dept. College Proposal Title Amount Awarded
Brunner, Benjamin Assistant Professor Geological Sciences Science Synthesis of pure double-isotopically labeled sulfate $5,000
Hossain, Mahmud S. Assistant Professor Computer Science Science Analysis and Prediction of Scientific Trends $5,000
McLaren, Jenni Renee Assistant Professor Biological Sciences Science Herbivore-mediated effects on nutrient cycling in arctic tundra ecosystems $5,000
Moore, Jacen S. Assistant Professor Clinical Laboratory Sciences Health Sciences Antibodies to Heme Oxygenase-1 and Lupus Nephritis in Hispanics $5,000
Mortimer, Katherine S. Assistant Professor Teacher Education Education Documenting the implementation of dual language instruction in Paso del Norte K-8 Classrooms $5,000
O'Connor, Kathleen Assistant Professor School of Nursing Nursing Measuring Post-Conflict Trauma and Resilience in Ciudad Juarez $5,000
Snell, Heather Asst Clinical Professor Nursing Nursing Exploration of the Physical and Psychological Effects of a 12-Week Yoga Pilot Study with Overweight and Obese Mexican American Female Adolescents $5,000

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