Protocol Preparation TIPS
  • Allow sufficient time for the review of your application. Approximate time for Designated Member Review is 2 – 4 weeks and Full Committee Review 4 – 10 weeks from the time you submit the application.
  • Consultation with the Attending Veterinarian is required for procedures categorized under D & E prior to submitting on IRBNet.
  • If you require assistance submitting applications on IRBNet, please contact the IACUC office at or follow the step-by-step guides below.
  • IACUC policies are to be followed. Any exceptions to the policies must be justified in application and approved by the IACUC before implementation. Click HERE to view policies
  • Use non-technical, lay language for study objectives section in application.
  • Ensure all personnel listed on the application have completed all basic training requirements prior to submitting forms on IRBNet. Personnel pending completion of training requirements are NOT allowed to participate in any activities detailed in the protocol. Principal Investigators pending completion of training will result in the delay of forms being approved.
  • Include all funding information on application (title, proposal number, copy of VAS or equivalent). If funding application is submitted and approved after IACUC application approval, contact the IACUC office immediately to update protocol.
  • Confirm all appendices and applicable forms are attached to protocol application when submitting on IRBNet.
  • Modifications to a protocol must have proposed changes in RED font.

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