IBC Trainings

General Laboratory Safety

The Laboratory Safety class provides information for individuals working with hazardous or reactive chemical and or physical hazards such as energized equipment, compressed gasses, open flames and cryogens. The class covers the methods to prevent or minimize exposure or injury via the use of engineering controls, work and administrative controls, and personal protective equipment. Register at http://www.ehs.utep.edu/training.html

Biosafety/Bloodborne Pathogens

The Biosafety/Bloodborne Pathogens class provides information for individuals working with laboratory animals, infectious agents, toxins, human blood, cell lines and or tissues. The class provides an introduction to hazardous biological agents, their potential route of exposure, disease potential, what to do in case of an incident, and how to work safely with hazardous biological agents. The class also covers Hepatitis B vaccination, engineering controls available to protect individuals, disinfection and decontamination procedures. Register at http://www.ehs.utep.edu/training.html

Occupational Health Enrollment (OHP)

To completed Occupational Health and Safety Program (OHP) Enrollment, fill out the OHP Health Questionnaire and return it to Tania Quiroz at tgquiroz@utep.edu and cc the IACUC email and Jose Manriquez jamanriquezlopez@miners.utep.edu, the new EH&S student taking care of the occupational health program. Or hand-deliver to Emilio Rodriguez at EH&S. Their office is located in the Carl Hertzog Building, room 170 just south of the University library. After they assess your OHP Questionnaire, they will email you if you will need to schedule an appointment for a medical evaluation with a healthcare professional

EH&S -Register at http://ehs.utep.edu/training.html for OHP contact Tania Quiroz (tgquiroz@utep.edu) or Emilio Rodriguez (erodriguez22@utep.edu) Required
General Laboratory Safety Every 3 years
Biosafety/Bloodborne Pathogens Every year
Occupational Health Enrollment (OHP) Every year
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