University of Texas at El Paso

Cavitating Venturi


The cSETR cavitating venturi is designed as a limiting flow control device that supplies a mass flow rate dependent only upon the upstream pressure. The mass flow rate delivered is then a function of the upstream/inlet pressure and can be modified by varying the tank (effectively the inlet) pressure. The cavitating venturi has been validated for use with liquid water and liquid methane when operated understeady-state conditions below the critical pressure ratio. Furthermore, a coefficient of discharge was measured for each cavitating venturi showing accuracy out to a pressure ratio (P2/P1) 0.58 to 0.71.

Specifications and performance

Throat diameter 0.04in ± 0.005

Converging angle 15°

Diverging angle 7°

Development Status



1. Mena, J.,Ingle, M., Sirshat, V., and Choudhuri, A., An Investigation of a Cavitating VenturiFlow Control Feature in a Cryogenic Propellant Delivery System Flow Measurementand Instrumentation, 2014, Flow Measurement and Instrumentation,accepted for publication. (W)