Award Management Resources
Congratulations on your award! As PI, you are responsible for managing your award, but you have a whole team of individuals who can assist you.
Top Three Things to do after you get your Award:
  1. Get to know your award in the Project Information Center (PIC)
    1. Find out who is your RA and Accountant
    2. Get to know your CAO and grant administrator (business center)
    3. Know when your year and award period ends so you have time to plan or to request a no cost extension
    4. See how the funds are distributed
    5. Certify expenses on a monthly basis after your grant administrator verifies them. This is to ensure all expenditures belong with your project.

  2. Read the NOA that is linked in the PIC
    1. Find out when the reports are due and how to submit them
    2. Verify what restrictions are on my grant, such as what expenses are not allowable
    3. Review what transfer restrictions are on the award since budget transfer limitations are cumulative

  3. Hire students or other personnel on your grant by consulting with Human Resources
    1. Staff Employment Request for new staff
    2. Work with your grant administrator to appoint individuals to your grant

Who can I turn to for assistance?
Grant Administrator/CAO: process all expenses on the grant, verification and reconciliation of expenses

Research Administrator: allowability of expenses or transfers, changes to my grant that may require prior approval, no cost extensions of the award, subcontracts, guidance on reporting

Contracts and Grants Specialist: budget transfers, appointment (IAPS), subcontract status

Contracts and Grants Accountant: award set up in PeopleSoft, assistance with grant expenses, billing, and financial reporting

Grants Support Center: Training on using PIC and on reconciliation of my grant accounts, troubleshooting expenses or issues with processing documents

Technology Transfer (OTC website):  for patents and inventions

Office of Regulatory Assurances:  for issues related to Human Subjects, Vertebrate Animals, Biosafety, Conflict of Interest

Peoplesoft: - for forms needed to process expenses and appointments on the grant

Other Resources:

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