Cost Share Policy



Sec. 1

Purpose. The purpose of this Policy is to provide requirements, guidelines, and procedure for monitoring, tracking, and reporting cost sharing agencies for all sponsored programs, federal, State, and private, at The University of Texas at El Paso. This includes the understanding of cost sharing commitments and determining when cost sharing is appropriate and allowable.

Sec. 2

Policy Statement. Pursuant to the Uniform Guidance, Title 2 -> Subtitle A -> Chapter II -> Part 200 -> Subpart A -> § 200.29 and §200.306 Cost sharing is the portion of sponsored project cost not borne by the sponsor. Cost sharing occurs when a sponsor requires or the institution commits funds beyond the awarded amount by the sponsor. It is the policy of The University of Texas at El Paso that cost sharing is proposed, approved, administered, available, and accounted for in a consistent and reasonable manner throughout the project/program. To comply with all the applicable federal laws and regulations ans sponsoring agency guidelines, The University of Texas at El Paso must be accountable for documenting and verifying cost sharing commitments.

Sec. 3

Compliance. The regulations require the institutions to be accountable in documenting and verifying cost sharing commitments with the same diligence as actual expenditures on contracts and grants.

Sec. 4

Limitations. The University of Texas at El Paso strongly discourages cost sharing arrangements for all sponsored programs, as these arrangements involve unique accounting procedures and require funding resources from The University of Texas at El Paso. Cost sharing arrangements also necessitate increased monitoring to ensure compliance.

Sec. 5

Overview. Cost sharing is a financial commitment toward the total cost of a project from a source other than the granting organization. Contributions for cost sharing include other departmental designated funds, gifts, or endowment income.

For additional details and process, see Cost Share Policy attachment.


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